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Re: 2.1 CD's for the linuxworld expo

Previously Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Wow! That's organised!

Indeed. I was unpleasantly surprised since I hoped to be able to get them to
donate their entire stock. On the other hand having pre-2.1 CD's will be
next cool as well.

> I shouldn't think there'll be a problem with that. What set do we want? 
> Single CD (easiest, I'd guess), 2 CDs (main binary + contrib) or 4 CDs
> (full)? I'd push for the single-CD option for giveaways, personally - we
> get more people that way.

Why not let them choose? Or is the single-CD different from the first CD of a

The important thing is to have the Cd-image somewhere where it is not
overwritten for a couple of days so cheapbytes gets the chance to download
and burn it.


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