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Re: Slink CD images

> On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Philip Hands wrote:
> >I finally did the images for i386 yesterday.  What's the plan for m68k,
> >sparc etc ? 
> I'm waiting on final instructions on how to make them... Can you tell us
> where the i386 images are, so people can mirror/test them please?

They are at:


and soon should be at:


They've got about 200MB of the first CD so far, and are getting it at about 
100KB a second, so should have the first in about an hour, and then another 
one every hour and a half or so after that. 

Access to cdimage.debian.org is password restricted, so anyone that wants to
get them from there will have to mail me for a password (generally only public 
mirrors qualify for passwords, but a beta tester or two should be OK --- 
especially if they are in the UK, since that incurs no extra cost for NetCOM 
UK --- the ISP that gives us the bandwidth), although it's probably best for 
people to go to sunsite anyway.

BTW, am I right in thinking that slink1.raw and the single_cd image cannot in 
fact be the same thing ?

Also, do the source CDs for different architectures actually end up different, 
or not ? --- it would be good if they were the same for all architectures,
to save space for the mirrors.

And finally, it is OK to run just the final stages of slink_cd, i.e.:

   slink_cd -v $ARCH image

if you interrupt the image creation bit of a run ?

I'm just doing this for the m68k images to see how it goes --- which other
architectures are worth building at present ?

Cheers, Phil.

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