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RE: Slink Source images

RE: Slink "Source" Images
> From: Philip Hands [mailto:phil@hands.com]
> Subject: Re: Slink CD images
> Also, do the source CDs for different architectures actually end
> up different,
> or not ? --- it would be good if they were the same for all architectures,
> to save space for the mirrors.

The source images for each architecture are NOT the same...after all
they have different sets programs, boot disks, etc...  eg:

slink3.raw - 577,894
slink4.raw - 505,064

slink3.raw - 616,064
slink4.raw - 576,922

Admittedly, these images all have non-US included, but I
imagine that they would be different without non-US.

Just a thought....

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so I installed Linux.
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