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Re: Slink CD images

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

>I finally did the images for i386 yesterday.  What's the plan for m68k,
>sparc etc ? 

I'm waiting on final instructions on how to make them... Can you tell us
where the i386 images are, so people can mirror/test them please?

>It strikes me that we should do the four CD set, and the single CD for each
>released architecture.

Yep, sounds right.

>Am I right in thinking that the only change for a non-US CD set is
>slink2.raw ?  If so, we might want to go for:

That's correct.

>  slink-single-CD.raw
>  slink1.raw
>  slink2.raw
>  slink3.raw
>  slink4.raw
>  slink2-non-US.raw
>There is no point doing non-free CDs IMHO, since the licenses are too
>dependent upon how you intend to sell them. 


>I'm not totally convinced that the non-US one is worth the effort either,
>since almost all of non-US also happens to be non-free, but I suppose that
>making gnupg available might be justification enough.

Wichert and I had a discussion about this at the end of last week. The
official images should not have non-US on them - it makes life easier for
people in the US, plus the licenses are a _mess_ and it's easiest to leave
well alone for now. The plan is to split non-US into main/contrib/non-free
soon, but too late for slink.

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