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Re: Slink release - what's left?

In message <E10ByST-0001Sd-00@hammer.mossbank.org.uk> you wrote:
>Agreed. I'm planning on continuing to work on the CD scripts for the
>foreseeable future; the moment slink is out I'll start ro focus on potato. 

Well, maybe you could put your sources in CVS and we could branch.  
I'd like to see a fully 2.2.x Debian Slink/2.1r1; I don't know if this
would require changes to your cd scripts.

If you used cvs to manage your sources you could 'branch' for slink
maintenance but still continue to do potato work on the 'trunk'.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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