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Re: Slink release - what's left?

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

>In message <E10ByST-0001Sd-00@hammer.mossbank.org.uk> you wrote:
>>Agreed. I'm planning on continuing to work on the CD scripts for the
>>foreseeable future; the moment slink is out I'll start ro focus on potato. 
>Well, maybe you could put your sources in CVS and we could branch.  
>I'd like to see a fully 2.2.x Debian Slink/2.1r1; I don't know if this
>would require changes to your cd scripts.

I don't see it needing to, really. Unless there aremajor changes to the
boot disks/documentation.

>If you used cvs to manage your sources you could 'branch' for slink
>maintenance but still continue to do potato work on the 'trunk'.

I could do, but it would be a pain trying to keep it in sync at the
various places I work on it. I know CVS has its uses (I uses it daily at
work), but I don't think it really covers this. What I'll probably do is
branch and change name. potato_cd will almost definitely need changes from
slink_cd, so I'll probably change the name too.

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