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Re: issues with documentation on slink cd

Weird - most of these were mentioned by Wichert separately yesterday...

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

>No notation for CD version (date burned, slink-cd version)

The burn date (or rather, image creation date is in the .disk/info file,
and as of slink_cd v1.06 this is also in <root>/README.1ST along with
information on how to boot the installation system. I can add a slink_cd
version trivially to this, good idea.

>Installation documentation should have links from doc

Hmmm. The root directory is starting to look crowded then, maybe just a
pointer to it in README.1ST?

>Installation Manual doesn't ship with the CD:
>  <apharris@burrito:install> pwd
>  /amnt/cd/install
>  <apharris@burrito:install> ls *.html
>  install.html
>Here's what you need, at least for x86:
>  arch/i386:
>  cfdisk.txt                    ch-post-install.html
>  ch-administrivia.html         ch-preparing.html
>  ch-boot-floppy-techinfo.html  ch-rescue-boot.html
>  ch-dselect-conclusion.html    ch-welcome.html
>  ch-dselect-glossary.html      dselect-beginner.html
>  ch-dselect-intro.html         dselect-beginner.txt
>  ch-dselect-main.html          fdisk.txt
>  ch-hardware-req.html          footnotes.html
>  ch-init-config.html           install.html
>  ch-install-methods.html       install.txt
>  ch-partitioning.html

Also fixed as of yesterday - all the .txt and .html files from the
boot-disks area will be copied, whereas the previous setup (a hangover
from the old debian-cd script) was to just copy install.html and

>Different architectures have different *fdisk*.txt files.

Yes? Don't they also have different fdisk programs?

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