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Re: issues with documentation on slink cd

On Feb 10, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> No notation for CD version (date burned, slink-cd version)

The burn date is encoded in the .disk/info file for each CD (I freely
admit that's not obvious).  Perhaps slink-cd should have an option [or
just do it without an option] to dump the date and slink-cd version
into a file in the root of each CD (say /README.cdinfo).

> Installation documentation should have links from doc

This could be handled on the FTP site with links into
disks-(whatever)... but the links are architecture-specific.  A
symlink from within doc to ../install on the first CD would be
appropriate (the m68k CDs are using "install" for the installation
directory too), but rsync would clobber the link on each mirroring
run.  I suppose I could jerryrig it into my mirroring script.

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