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issues with documentation on slink cd

Netgod Industries were kind enough to send me a slink CD.

Here are my initial findings:

No notation for CD version (date burned, slink-cd version)

Installation documentation should have links from doc

Installation Manual doesn't ship with the CD:

  <apharris@burrito:install> pwd
  <apharris@burrito:install> ls *.html

Here's what you need, at least for x86:

  cfdisk.txt                    ch-post-install.html
  ch-administrivia.html         ch-preparing.html
  ch-boot-floppy-techinfo.html  ch-rescue-boot.html
  ch-dselect-conclusion.html    ch-welcome.html
  ch-dselect-glossary.html      dselect-beginner.html
  ch-dselect-intro.html         dselect-beginner.txt
  ch-dselect-main.html          fdisk.txt
  ch-hardware-req.html          footnotes.html
  ch-init-config.html           install.html
  ch-install-methods.html       install.txt

Different architectures have different *fdisk*.txt files.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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