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Re: slink_cd 1.03

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> [Did you report it to linux-m68k too?  If not, Jes may have missed it.]

Numerous times. Drew response from Roman Zippel and Andreas. Jes may be 
just ignoring me :-)

> > And I'd like to get ethernet support in 2.0. Will need a bit more time,
> > please
> > be patient ...
> OK, I'm in no hurry here.

Neither am I. Just got fresh work from the boot-floppies team; they
conveniently ignored most if not all of my patches. I'm going to take a
cooling-off timeout and re-send a bug report (fresh one, against 2.1.5) when 
I'm no longer too p***ed to write nice and helpful bug reports. 

> > VME isn;t supported; there's no kernel, and no code to build boot floppies.
> As seen in another thread, Nick Holgate and James Troup are apparently
> working on this... so hopefully we can work in full VME support

Yea; I've seen it. Nick should start working on the boot-floppies stuff 
independently; you wanted to pick up the boot-floppies source as well, how
are we going about coordinating this?

> > My 2.1.4 diff is on master if you need anything from it.
> This point is moot since I can't build the binaries here... no sign of
> my A4000.

Sh*t. Forget the above.

Ok, I've got the g++ I need for dpkg now, just need to coax apt to
install it (who said this was a huge improvement? It's confused ...) 
Will build dpkg now if possible, then try 2.1.5 with the proper things 

More later, I guess.


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