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Re: slink_cd 1.03

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> Here's the changes I've come up with so far [sorry, no diffs]:
> slink1.needed needs:
> * xserver-fbdev
> * {atari,amiga,mac}-fdisk
> * {atari,amiga,mac}-bootstrap
>   [amiga and mac don't exist yet, but they'll be needed whenever they
>   are in the distribution]
> * vmelilo
> [Anything else essential for m68k that wouldn't be available by
> default?  Michael?  Roman?]

The fdisks are in base IIRC. All of them. But I'll double check.

> slink1.useful needs:
> * kernel-image-2.0.3[36]-{amiga,atari,mac,vme}
>   [mac, vme and 2.0.36 images don't exist yet but will soon; if we do go
>   with 2.0.36 images we'll probably drop the 2.0.33 ones]

Ok. provided you patch VME and Mac up to 2.0.36. 

> Also, the -J switch to mkhybrid needs to be disable-able without
> editing the slink_cd script.  IMHO Joliet support is non-essential
> except on i386 (commentary about real OSes being able to understand
> Rock Ridge (at least if they're > 8.3) deleted to save space).

Strongly seconded; I don't want to hear any more complaints about Joliet
support missing in existing Mac kernels. 

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