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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> (I assume you mean /install) Yeah, that should work.  Do TOS and MacOS
> automatically show directory icons for directories without an icon
> file?

Sure enough. I've never seen an ISO CD on Atari though. 
> > The boot-floppies archives will all create a ./debian/ directory
> > with booter, kernel, sysmap, ramdisk and the rescue and drivers
> > image in them. Just rename that to amiga/atari/mac and you're
> > set. For Mac, only the booter and preferences need to reside on a
> > HFS type fs.
> OK.  I think the mkhybrid stuff makes the entire disc readable as HFS
> for Macs and ISO9660/RockRidge for everyone else.  But I'll

As long as mkhybrid has a way to write MacBinary or BinHex files to the 
HFS view of the fs and convert them in the process, fine. What disk names
are possible for ISO, i.e. can we use "Debian/68k 2.1" ??

> double-check (I suppose I should be able to mount the disc image as a
> hfs volume to check the HFS access... remind me to add hfs support to
> my kernel).

:-) If you forget, hfsutils should help. 
> I dunno when this will be ready for testing... I'm currently trying to
> get the entire binary-m68k tree sucked down my 56k modem overnights
> using rsync; I'm currently most of the way through libs.  Hopefully
> I'll be ready to burn a CD or two (I'm guessing that I'll need two for
> all of the m68k packages) by the end of the week at the latest.

We just need to make sure the install and main stuff fits on one CD. Do you
think that can be done ??


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