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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

On Jan 18, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > > /
> > >  install/
> > >          amiga/
> > >          atari/
> > >          mac/

> The directory structure looks perfect; we'll probably want to have
> base2_1.tgz in /debian for all.

(I assume you mean /install) Yeah, that should work.  Do TOS and MacOS
automatically show directory icons for directories without an icon

> The boot-floppies archives will all create a ./debian/ directory
> with booter, kernel, sysmap, ramdisk and the rescue and drivers
> image in them. Just rename that to amiga/atari/mac and you're
> set. For Mac, only the booter and preferences need to reside on a
> HFS type fs.

OK.  I think the mkhybrid stuff makes the entire disc readable as HFS
for Macs and ISO9660/RockRidge for everyone else.  But I'll
double-check (I suppose I should be able to mount the disc image as a
hfs volume to check the HFS access... remind me to add hfs support to
my kernel).

I dunno when this will be ready for testing... I'm currently trying to
get the entire binary-m68k tree sucked down my 56k modem overnights
using rsync; I'm currently most of the way through libs.  Hopefully
I'll be ready to burn a CD or two (I'm guessing that I'll need two for
all of the m68k packages) by the end of the week at the latest.

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