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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>On Jan 17, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> In general, how are you supporting floppyless install (if at all) on
>> non-bootable platforms (like atari?).  I know that on Amiga and Atari,
>> generally they use OS-dependant loaders.
>I suppose amigainstall.lha and atariinstall.lzh (and whatever the Mac
>stuff is) could be pre-unpacked on Disc 1.  This would allow a
>no-disk-except-CD-ROM install... I think.  I'll have to double-check
>the installation guides though.

Is that all that needs doing for those platforms, then? If it's that

>Alternatively the usual course of action is:
>  . Copy the floppy images to a hard disk you can access from both
>    Linux and your native OS.
>  . Unpack the install kit there.
>  . Follow the installation instructions from Franky or Michael.
>Things that need to be on the m68k CD that aren't elsewhere;
>preferably easy to find...
>0. Boot floppy packages.  VMElilo.  (It's in base, but you also need
>   it outside a .deb where it can be used.)
>1. Debian install guides for m68k.
>2. Linux/m68k FAQ.
>3. Native-OS versions of gzip and tar?  [Are these needed to install?]
>4. [...?] <- Am I missing anything?

Give me a list of what you need and we can have a simple directory


that should be easily documented and useable by anybody. Yes?

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