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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > Give me a list of what you need and we can have a simple directory
> > structure:
> >
> > /
> >  install/
> >          amiga/
> >          atari/
> >          mac/
> >
> > that should be easily documented and useable by anybody. Yes?
> That structure looks good to me; we'll have to see how exactly things
> come out of boot-floppies and work from there.

The directory structure looks perfect; we'll probably want to have
in /debian for all. 

The boot-floppies archives will all create a ./debian/ directory with
kernel, sysmap, ramdisk and the rescue and drivers image in them. Just
rename that to amiga/atari/mac and you're set. For Mac, only the booter and
preferences need 
to reside on a HFS type fs.


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