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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Michael Schmitz wrote:

>> I suppose amigainstall.lha and atariinstall.lzh (and whatever the Mac
>> stuff is) could be pre-unpacked on Disc 1.  This would allow a
>> no-disk-except-CD-ROM install... I think.  I'll have to double-check
>> the installation guides though.
>The Mac stuff would need to be on a HFS CD 'partition' (or you'd have
>to invoke some trick to feed both data and resource fork to MacOS off
>the ISO fs.). I've never seen any ISO CD on a Mac so I can't tell for
>sure. You can send me a CD with the install.sit unpacked on it if you
>manage to unpack it with macutils. Otherwise, I'll upload it to master
>in MacBinary format and the user will need to unpack it on the MacOS
>disk partition.

mkhybrid will make hybrid HFS/ISO CDs quite happily these days, according
to the docs. Unfortunately I haven't got a Mac to play with to see what to
do. Can somebody else check out its docs and see if it looks possible

>rawwrite.ttp for dumping the floppy images on Atari (was in bo, maybe
>made it into hamm ??)
>gzip would be nice to have; tar probably isn't required. I'm pretty sure
>distributing StuffIt, BinHex and the like with the CD won't be allowed by
>these tools' copyright. Mac users should already have them, or get them
>from Apple's support site.

Quite. So the more stuff we can have unpacked ready to use on the CD, the
better IMHO.

>The things Mac users will need are
>- something to partition the disk, preferably HD SC Setup, patched as
>  described in one of the references in the install guide if necessary.
>  (I've never got any feedback from people that tried to install using
>  other disk tools; some partition formats weren't recognized by dinstall
>  but no one ever sent a mac-fdisk -l output)
>- StuffIt or StuffIt Expander (should cover BinHex and MacBinary conversion
>  as well). Or DiskCopy 4.2 or newer for creating a 'boot' floppy.
>Covered in the install guide but we should probably add it to the
>'official' docs as well. 


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