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Minor enhancements to multi-cd install method.

I've mailed these off to Martin Schulze, but I thought some people
here may like them too.

These patches allow you to mount cd images as though they were real
discs under the multi-cd dselect method.  Simply create a sym link
pointing to the first image, point dselect at it, and it will mount it
loopback for you.  When it asks you to change the CD, point the sym
link at the image it wants and continue as if you'd swapped real CD
discs around.

They also removed the code which stripped the CD volume names down to
the first three words, since the slink_cd scripts give all images a
common start to their name.

I found this easier than the multi-mount method, and being closer to
the multi-cd method, I think it's better for testing the images.



ADML Support, EUCS, The University of Edinburgh.

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