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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>On Jan 17, Michael Schmitz wrote:
>> I understood Chris was going to set up m68k in general. There's no
>> way to boot Ataris from CD (as far as I know), and Macs would be
>> possible to boot from CD but none of the m68k maintainers knows how
>> :-)
>That's correct, there's no point in making separate CDs for Mac, Atari
>and Amiga.  It may be possible to boot from CD on these platforms, but
>at least on the Amiga there are a lot of things that won't work if you
>boot from CD (some devices need to be pre-initialized, the bootloader
>requires the ROM patches to be loaded, etc.).  [My understanding on
>the Mac is that you can copy a System Folder onto the CD image to make
>it bootable.]  Plus we'd need licenses for AmigaOS and MacOS.  Bottom
>line is bootable isn't going to happen.

OK, fine. So we make install as easy as possible in another way then - a
script that will start the install, I guess?

>> The m68k buildds don't do non-free and possibly non-us IIRC. Keeping up with
>> main is quite enough.
>It would be nice if the buildd at least kept up with non-us (I
>couldn't care about non-free except possibly xv... and with eeyes and
>the GIMP available nobody should need xv anymore).

That's all very well, but if we're going to provide binary packages for
people then we should be consistent across platforms. And that includes
non-free, contrib and non-US IMHO.

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