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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

On Jan 18, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >That's correct, there's no point in making separate CDs for Mac, Atari
> >and Amiga.  It may be possible to boot from CD on these platforms, but
> >at least on the Amiga there are a lot of things that won't work if you
> >boot from CD (some devices need to be pre-initialized, the bootloader
> >requires the ROM patches to be loaded, etc.).  [My understanding on
> >the Mac is that you can copy a System Folder onto the CD image to make
> >it bootable.]  Plus we'd need licenses for AmigaOS and MacOS.  Bottom
> >line is bootable isn't going to happen.
> OK, fine. So we make install as easy as possible in another way then - a
> script that will start the install, I guess?

*nod* I think the packages for each platform include such scripts

> That's all very well, but if we're going to provide binary packages for
> people then we should be consistent across platforms. And that includes
> non-free, contrib and non-US IMHO.

The people running the build daemons believe that the main stuff
should be the top priority; I can't argue with them on that point at

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