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Re: answers needed for documentation

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

>Aside from the README (which is only relevant to building the CD)
>is there any other docuemntation with the slink-cd stuff?

Not really, no. What more do you want? I'm not sure what you're looking
for here...

>I need to know what the user is presented with on a bootable CD.
>Is it like the rescue disk?  If not, how do they select tecra/non-tecra
>images, and how do they set boot parameters (i.e., 'mem=8192k')?

It should look just like the boot floppy. Easy.

>Will slink-cd be packaged, BTW?  I think it's bad that it isn't
>a package...

It will when things are stable, yes. But at least until very recently it's
been changing far too often for the packaging overhead to be worthwhile
and the last thing I need when I'm trying to do quick test/turnaround on
this is to get caught in the package installation queue on master.

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