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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> We're preparing for the 2.1.5 release of the boot-floppies package,
> which will re-introduce the tecra kernels for x86 (aw!).  Also, the
> package pre-selections mechanism has been made
> cross-architecture-aware, and we have patched in m68k fixes.
> There is still much work to be done on the Install Manual, so there
> will be at least one release after 2.1.6 before freeze (if only to get
> the new set of documentation).  Since the non-x86 boot-floppies are
> rather lagging here, I'm sure there will be more than one, but I don't
> speak for Enrique.
> There are two main areas of concern for me with slink, aside from the
> obvious stuff that has to be done.  The first is that I don't see
> visible signs that the alpha and sparc people are working on the
> boot-floppies or the CD set.  (I could also use heavy documentation
> help from these camps).  I hope I'm overlooking actual activity, but I
> doubt it.

Sorry Adam, I was too busy last weeks to work on debian.
I'm currently trying to build bootable sparc CDROM to do zero floppy install.
I also hope I will have time to build a new set of boot-floppies this week.


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