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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

On Sun, 17 Jan 1999 19:07:52 +0000 (GMT), Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> said:
> If we're going to release for all the arches (I've already been told
> by Joel Klecker that powerpc is not being frozen this time) then I
> need help (and preferably patches) to make install/boot CDs on

> m68k/atari m68k/mac alpha

>From what I hear, we're releasing with x86, m68k, alpha, and sparc.
The fact that it's not very clear and no one seems to know for sure
just indicates how much we need stronger release management, IMHO.

Speaking of bootable CDs, for the x86 part, for machines that don't
have bootable CD support, I say:

  If your hardware does not support bootable CD-ROMs, you should boot
  into DOS, and execute the <file>boot.bat</file> file which is
  located in the <file>\boot</file> directory on your CD.  Then, skip
  down to <ref id="init-config">.

Is this true?  Can people just use 'install.bat' ?

In general, how are you supporting floppyless install (if at all) on
non-bootable platforms (like atari?).  I know that on Amiga and Atari,
generally they use OS-dependant loaders.

>> The second major issue I see, which I hope we will resolve soon, is
>> a lack of coordination between the CD team, the boot floppies, the
>> Debian archive maintainers, Bob Hillard (doing the upgrade notes),
>> and the Debian webmaster.  An argument, I think, for an ecumenical
>> Release Tiger Team or some such?

> Sounds good to me. There are a couple of things that would help
> right now and in future:

> a) the list of pre-selected packages used in the installation can be
> used by slink_cd to generate the list of packages it will push onto
> disc 1. Is this posted on the debian-boot list, or if not can it be
> mailed to me when it's updated please?

I'll let Stephane Bortzmeyer take care of this manually.  Technically,
we probably could have all commits of certain file get mailed to
certain places, it just takes some CVS setup.

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