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Re: Tasks and profiles for the debian-cd program

On Thursday 7 January 1999, at 17 h 27, the keyboard of Steve McIntyre 
<stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:

> In generating the list, I see a lot of packages that (IMHO) should
> _definitely_ be added to the default list, in particular bits of the
> previous xbase package that have now been split out. X without (e.g.) 
> xterm is a bit crap really. 

This was added yesterday in the CVS tree. Always check it first.

I've added in the master file (remember that we cannot add everything, hard 
disks are not large enough and the Dialup profile is now 479 mega-bytes...), 
which governs tasks and profiles:

> apmd                    - notebooks

There is no "laptop" task. Any volunteer to make a list of packages they 
specifically need? (I don't have one.)

> apt                     - !!!

Suppress the !s. apt is in the base system, already installed by boot-floppies.

> cdparanoia              - similar to cdda2wav 


> cdrdao                  - similar to cdrecord


> dpkg-multicd            - obviously

In the base system, already installed by boot-floppies.

> exim-doc                - exim is standard mailer, docs might help

Note that exim does not even suggest exim-doc, that's why I missed it. Added.

> gimp-manual             - if we're pushing gimp as a default...

Same thing. And it's huge. 18 megabytes. Added only to a few tasks.

> hdparm                  - it might be nice if people can set up their disks

I live in a pure SCSI world... Seriousy, people who choose tasks and profiles 
(instead of picking one package by one) really want to use hdparm?

> hwtools                 - and other hardware

Same thing.

> isapnptools             - ditto

OK, I see. Added.

> isdnutils               - ditto

Yo. I use it myself and I forgot it :-) Added. Unfortunately, it brings a lot 
of stuff with it.

> kernel-source-2.0.36    - !!!

I don't see it as mandatory (and it's *huge*). Added in the same cases as 

> lesstif                 - needed for mozilla?

lesstifG is already there.

> mozilla                 - surely we have to offer it?

Widely added. We had no graphical Web browser.

> set6x86                 - needed for some people to get reasonable performance

Same thing as hwtools. Are people able to use it? (I mean beginners, the 
people most likely to use the pre-selections.)

> xdm                     - I would imagine most X-using people will want it

Ooops! Done.

> xfs                     - ditto 

Added in some cases. I disagree with 'I would imagine most X-using people will 
want it'.

> xmodmap                 - ditto

Hmm, we have xkb. I hesitate.

> xserver-*               - still needed for some video cards AFAIK

Which servers do you suggest?

> xterm                   - !!!

Already done, see above.

> Maybe we should also add more of the non-English language support too,
> which I've put in the big list below (man-pages-<language>, i<language>
> and w<language>.

Note there is a Chinese task. Other tasks are welcome, if their maintainer 
send me the list of packages.

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