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Re: slink_cd v 0.98

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Eric Delaunay wrote:

>  I just merged my patches to your latest slink_cd package (0.98).  The 
>diffs are attached to this mail.
>It allows you to build sparc CD images.  However, sparc isn't yet frozen 
>even if all uploads we do are related to slink.  You need to get binary-sparc 
>from potato, remove all symlinks it gets into, recreate them to reference all
>packages in slink's binary-all and finally rebuild the Packages files.
>I did that locally but not added such weird patch in your slink_cd package.

Yes, good idea.

>In effect, the parts related to sparc support in slink_cd is small (just
>added silo configuration in the BOOT & IMAGES sections, and postprocess
>after the image was created), 

OK, I've grabbed that out - seems clean, exactly what I was looking for.

>but I also provide you all my work on multi-disks Debian's mirror
>support. You don't need to put all the mirror contents on the same
>partition anymore:  all you need is to create one temp dir on each
>partition that contains a piece of debian's mirror.  Set the TMPDIRLIST
>variable to the list of these directories and TMPDIR to the first one.

Hmmm. I was going to put this in, but a couple of people have already
mailed me saying they can't have write access to the mirrors they're using
at all so even this wouldn't help. What I think I'll have to do is write a
more general "access method" that will allow people to work from sym-links
into a tree elsewhere. <sigh> This is going to be fun, and probably after
the weekend now.

>Note1: 2 new helper programs are provided in these patches:
>   - blockdev takes a list of directories (one per partition) and a list of
>     files then tells on which partition a file really resides.
>   - mksyms recreate the slink tree as symlinks to files under each temp 
>         (allows to run dpkg-scanpackages only once per section).

OK, useful.

>Note2: you may need mkisofs 1.12b3 or newer to be able to merge the partial
>trees built under each temp dir.

Yes, we already need it for the i386 bootable CDs with >1 input directory.

>Note3: could you try it with mkhybrid ?  I don't know if it works with 

It does, with the mkhybrid from slink.

>Finally, I also fixed a small problem when the non-us tree is really put
>under dists/slink (not a symlink). 

Ah, yes. Thanks.

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