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Re: Tasks and profiles for the debian-cd program

On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

>> In generating the list, I see a lot of packages that (IMHO) should
>> _definitely_ be added to the default list, in particular bits of the
>> previous xbase package that have now been split out. X without (e.g.)
>> xterm is a bit crap really.
>This was added yesterday in the CVS tree. Always check it first.

It's difficult for me to get at, I'm afraid. Most of my time on Debian CD
stuff is happening at work at the moment, where we're firewalled to hell
and back... I'll try and get to it in future, but I can't guarantee it.

>I've added in the master file (remember that we cannot add everything, hard
>disks are not large enough and the Dialup profile is now 479 


>which governs tasks and profiles:
>> apmd                    - notebooks
>There is no "laptop" task. Any volunteer to make a list of packages they
>specifically need? (I don't have one.)

Ditto. It was something that grabbed me...

>> apt                     - !!!
>Suppress the !s. apt is in the base system, already installed by 

OK, fine, I'll leave it in my extras list for disc #1, as people upgrading
will probably want it. 


>> dpkg-multicd            - obviously
>In the base system, already installed by boot-floppies.


>> exim-doc                - exim is standard mailer, docs might help
>Note that exim does not even suggest exim-doc, that's why I missed it. 

OK, that should  probably a bug against exim IMHO.

>> gimp-manual             - if we're pushing gimp as a default...
>Same thing. And it's huge. 18 megabytes. Added only to a few tasks.


>> hdparm                  - it might be nice if people can set up their disks
>I live in a pure SCSI world... Seriousy, people who choose tasks and
>profiles (instead of picking one package by one) really want to use

Not necessarily, I guess. But a lot of people (most installs I've
seen) will choose tasks/profiles that look reasonable, and then use
dselect to customise them.

>> hwtools                 - and other hardware
>Same thing.



>> isdnutils               - ditto
>Yo. I use it myself and I forgot it :-) Added. Unfortunately, it brings a
>lot of stuff with it. 


>> kernel-source-2.0.36    - !!!
>I don't see it as mandatory (and it's *huge*). Added in the same cases as

OK. I'd suggest we want to install the latest kernel source on most
installs, personally. I understand it's big, but... 

>> lesstif                 - needed for mozilla?
>lesstifG is already there.

Doh! Sorry.

>> mozilla                 - surely we have to offer it?
>Widely added. We had no graphical Web browser.

That's what I thought.

>> set6x86                 - needed for some people to get reasonable 
>Same thing as hwtools. Are people able to use it? (I mean beginners, the
>people most likely to use the pre-selections.)

I suppose so....

>> xfs                     - ditto
>Added in some cases. I disagree with 'I would imagine most X-using people 
>will want it'.

I've never seen an X install without using it, myself...

>> xmodmap                 - ditto
>Hmm, we have xkb. I hesitate.

OK, up tp you.

>> xserver-*               - still needed for some video cards AFAIK
>Which servers do you suggest?

Definitely S3V (some broken versions of cards won't work with SVGA yet) as
a minimum, I guess the others should be fine. Just tell me what you put in
and I'll keep the others...

>> xterm                   - !!!
>Already done, see above.


>> Maybe we should also add more of the non-English language support too,
>> which I've put in the big list below (man-pages-<language>, i<language>
>> and w<language>.
>Note there is a Chinese task. Other tasks are welcome, if their maintainer
>send me the list of packages.

Fine. I won't volunteer as I don't actually need/use any of them. Maybe
ask on the i18n list? 

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