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Re: III -Thoughts, experiences, ideas...RE: Debian slink CD images

On 15-Dec-1998, Philip Charles <philipc@es.co.nz> wrote:
> **Cut
> I want some room on slink1 for my own documentation etc.
> Quite a proportion of my customers only want one CD to start with and any
> NZ specific extras should be included on this disc.
> IMHO there must be room for Debian distribs to be indigenised.  My New
> Zealand wish list would include a Maori (Tangata Whenua - indigenous 
> people) ispell and a small business accounting system customised for NZ
> conditions.  These should be included in the first disc people buy,
> probably in a slink1 local fs.

This is because the current CD images work is just a script that has
hardcoded location of everything.  It is not very suitable for use
by anyone who wants to create a custom CD.

One idea presented on this list was creating a standard for laying out
CDs, and using tools that could create CDs that conform to this
standard.  In other words, solving the problem in general of describing
any CD set, and then considering the offical CD sets as just one
instance of that standard.

Instead, work is going ahead on writing some scripts, figuring out a
layout for 2.1 then delaring the script to be the standard.  Until
2.2 comes along of course.

But the script writing people are doing the work at the moment, so
I'm certainly not going to criticize anyone for that.  But it does
mean that customizers are going to have a difficult job as there is
no easy way to reorganize the discs if you need more space.


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