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RE: III -Thoughts, experiences, ideas...RE: Debian slink CD images

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> >IMHO there must be room for Debian distribs to be indigenised.  My New
> >Zealand wish list would include a Maori (Tangata Whenua - indigenous 
> >people) ispell and a small business accounting system customised for NZ
> >conditions.  These should be included in the first disc people buy,
> >probably in a slink1 local fs.
> >
> >There is no reason why there could not be indigenous North American, UK,
> >German, whatever versions as well.  But there must be room on the right
> >discs for the necessary additions. 
> OK, it's good that you've shouted now then. How much space do you
> need/want on disc 1? There's 21MB trivially available at the moment. And
> checking my current disc1 I have two copies of the boot floppies (current
> has now ceased to be a sym-link in the archive by the look of it) so
> there's another ~38MB there. Do you want your extras included in the main
> section, or would you be happy to simply have them on the disc and docs
> pointing to them?
That's fine as far as I am concerned.  I was thinking of about 20-30 mb
medium to long term.  There may be other people that need more.



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