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Re: III -Thoughts, experiences, ideas...RE: Debian slink CD images

On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Tyson Dowd wrote:

>This is because the current CD images work is just a script that has
>hardcoded location of everything.  It is not very suitable for use
>by anyone who wants to create a custom CD.
>One idea presented on this list was creating a standard for laying out
>CDs, and using tools that could create CDs that conform to this
>standard.  In other words, solving the problem in general of describing
>any CD set, and then considering the offical CD sets as just one
>instance of that standard.
>Instead, work is going ahead on writing some scripts, figuring out a
>layout for 2.1 then delaring the script to be the standard.  Until
>2.2 comes along of course.
>But the script writing people are doing the work at the moment, so
>I'm certainly not going to criticize anyone for that.  But it does
>mean that customizers are going to have a difficult job as there is
>no easy way to reorganize the discs if you need more space.

I agree that the current scripts are sub-optimal, but to make a generic
CD-layout program that will work for all people is a lot of work. What
I've tried to do so far in my effort is to gradually with each new version
split things off to make it more generic. I now have a setup that will
create CDs using a bare-bones set of packages onto which other people can
either add their own stuff, or else use the example file lists I'm
providing for input to create copies of the 5-disc set I'm using myself. 
It's not ideal but it's the best one I've seen yet:


Unfortunately the script does need to know a little about the slink
distribution layout, but this can (and will be) separated out more in the
future. Please, if you haven't had a look at the script and config files
yet then please do so and give me any suggestions/comments for

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