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RE: - VIII - MAKEDEV & slink_cd_0.8

> This is a bug in makedev (I think it's been reported already).
> "/dev/MAKEDEV generic-i386" makes only those device files. The
> boot-floppies generation scripts use that call while building the
> base-system.
> --
> Enrique Zanardi	

MAKEDEV 2.3.1-10 can therefore be fixed thusly:

Change line #244 from:
$0 $opts hda hab
$0 $opts hda hdb hdc hdd
and re-running /bin/MAKEDEV generic-i386

AIBM (as if by magic) all is well again.

Does anyone know who has the MAKEDEV package?
Might it still be: Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> ?

It would be nice to fix this BEFORE the 
"someone" decides to release slink...

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