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Re: Is Debian GNU/kFreeBSD an entirely free distribution?

On Fri, 18 Mar 2016 21:37:12 +0000
pdb <id3rfix@gmail.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately we live in a world where profit is more important than
> Freedom. So to have an operating system 100% Free Software is very
> difficult. There are many patents on hardware, and the hardware is a
> trusted hardware.  Few distributions of GNU/linux are 100% Free
> Software: we got: GNU/Blag, GNU/linux Dragora, GNU/linux Dynebolic,
> GNU/linux gNewSense, GNU/linux GuixSD, GNU/linux, Musix, GNU/linux
> Parabola, GNU/linux Trisquel, GNU/linux Ututo and few other ones
> operating systems like: GNU/HURD and Replicant. To speak about
> Trusted Computing is very important, but to put in practice is very
> difficult. Few ones are interested to renounce to Trusted Computing
> and infact we got few examples of UNTRUSTED like: Lemote YeeLoong and
> the mobile phones GTA02, GTA04. Will be a good thing to have
> UNTRUSTED COMPTUTING, but a factory costs much: 300 Millions of USD.
> Anyway to discuss about it is like to discuss about SEX Angeles. Who
> is interested to renounce to TRUSTED, MONEY, PRIVILEGIES for Freedom?
> Try to explain this to the new generations, explain them that is more
> important Freedom than the last one font, GUI, mobile phone, tablet,
> laptop, to refuse to use win or mac os x.
> They don't give any importance to Freedom, but they look to the
> practice.
> Forget OUR own ERA we LIVED.
> There is NO way to transmit our VALUES to them
> We are doing for ourself.
> Happy Hacking
> Paolo Del Bene (pdb)

I am occasionally accused of being a Stallmanist troll, but I cannot
hold a candle to this.

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