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Fwd: Re: Is Debian GNU/kFreeBSD an entirely free distribution?

Unfortunately we live in a world where profit is more important than Freedom. So to have an operating system 100% Free Software is very difficult. There are many patents on hardware, and the hardware is a trusted hardware.  Few distributions of GNU/linux are 100% Free Software: we got: GNU/Blag, GNU/linux Dragora, GNU/linux Dynebolic, GNU/linux gNewSense, GNU/linux GuixSD, GNU/linux, Musix, GNU/linux Parabola, GNU/linux Trisquel, GNU/linux Ututo and few other ones operating systems like: GNU/HURD and Replicant. To speak about Trusted Computing is very important, but to put in practice is very difficult. Few ones are interested to renounce to Trusted Computing and infact we got few examples of UNTRUSTED like: Lemote YeeLoong and the mobile phones GTA02, GTA04. Will be a good thing to have UNTRUSTED COMPTUTING, but a factory costs much: 300 Millions of USD. Anyway to discuss about it is like to discuss about SEX Angeles. Who is interested to renounce to TRUSTED, MONEY, PRIVILEGIES for Freedom?

Try to explain this to the new generations, explain them that is more important Freedom than the last one font, GUI, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, to refuse to use win or mac os x.

They don't give any importance to Freedom, but they look to the practice.

Forget OUR own ERA we LIVED.

There is NO way to transmit our VALUES to them

We are doing for ourself.

Happy Hacking

Paolo Del Bene (pdb)


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Da: "Steven Chamberlain" <steven@pyro.eu.org>
Data: 18/Mar/2016 18:02
Oggetto: Re: Is Debian GNU/kFreeBSD an entirely free distribution?
A: "Adam Wilson" <moxalt@riseup.net>
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Adam Wilson wrote:
> The FreeBSD kernel as released by the FreeBSD Project contains binary
> blobs. Is the Debian kFreeBSD kernel blob-free, as the Debian Linux
> kernel is?

The DFSG still apply to GNU/kFreeBSD, so we can only distribute binaries
that we have built from source.  This script removes all blobs we're
aware of from the kernel before it is built:

We compile some Adaptec firmwares from source which are freely licensed.

The radeonkms.ko module contains no microcode, so it does not work
unless firwmares are downloaded to /lib/firmware/ by choice of the user.
I think Intel Wi-Fi, and maybe some other drivers support loading
firmware that way.

Steven Chamberlain

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