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Re: Is Debian GNU/kFreeBSD an entirely free distribution?


Adam Wilson wrote:
> The FreeBSD kernel as released by the FreeBSD Project contains binary
> blobs. Is the Debian kFreeBSD kernel blob-free, as the Debian Linux
> kernel is?

The DFSG still apply to GNU/kFreeBSD, so we can only distribute binaries
that we have built from source.  This script removes all blobs we're
aware of from the kernel before it is built:

We compile some Adaptec firmwares from source which are freely licensed.

The radeonkms.ko module contains no microcode, so it does not work
unless firwmares are downloaded to /lib/firmware/ by choice of the user.
I think Intel Wi-Fi, and maybe some other drivers support loading
firmware that way.

Steven Chamberlain

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