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Re: Collaboration from ubuntuBSD project


Jon Boden wrote:
> ubuntuBSD just went live today with its first release, v15.04 BETA1

Congratulations, I just heard via

I wondered when someone would make this ;)

> (codenamed "Escape from SystemD").

That's become a good selling point lately.

> This project owes a lot to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and I'd like to send
> you a sincere offer for collaboration.
> In the following days I'm going to submit back all the improvements to
> Debian & other projects in a case-by-case pallatable form.

It would be good to keep the same collaboration that Debian<->Ubuntu
already has with GNU/Linux.

> In the meantime you can peek at the whole change set in:
> 	http://archive.ubuntubsd.org/patches/

We should of course merge whatever is practical to.  Please try to
keep patches better documented in the changelog in future, so it is
clear what you fixed, mention bug numbers etc. or if it is just a
backport of some later package version from Debian.

p.s. is the Ubuntu trademark perhaps a concern for your project?

Steven Chamberlain

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