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Re: HowTo Fork Debian? At first, just for fun... Plus a new home for kFreeBSD!

Martinx - ジェームズ wrote:
> What about "systemd-udev"? It seems that in the near future, it will
> not work without systemd = PID1, so, we'll probably need `eudev` (or
> another one), to be able to remain "sysetmd-free" real.

That's probably too difficult to avoid;  lots of core Debian stuff
depends on and/or will assume to have the systemd-provided one.

At some point another distro, or Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, may be the only
remaining options, unfortunately.

(just short of 3 years ago:  it seemed to me like Linux development was
going in odd directions.  I dabbled with some of the BSDs, but then got
curious about this Debian GNU/kFreeBSD thing people were making...)

Steven Chamberlain

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