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HowTo Fork Debian? At first, just for fun... Plus a new home for kFreeBSD!


I think that is time to start working on a `Debian Fork`.

Just for the record, I'm using `Debian` since `Potato` and I am very
unhappy with this `systemd-fiasco`. `Debian` with `systemd` is NOT
`Debian` anymore, it is another thing, completely different.

It is time to take it back, to make `Debian` fun again!

This new fork will:

1- ...be `systemd-free` (not even its sources will be included, maybe
only `systemd-udev`, _at first_);

2- ...have some level of `systemd-compatibility` (with `uselessd`),
so, it will be easier to sync from Debian and keep it up to date,
without requiring to maintain `sysvinit-core` too;

3- ...have a metapackage called `udev`, and packages like `eudev`,
`mdev` will be available (just like meta-`init` and `sysvinit-core`,

4- ...be the new home for `Debian kFreeBSD`, probably integrated `uselessd`;

5- ...kick `Debian Constitution`.

So, how to do it? Where to start? At first, just the initial fork,
recompilation and new ISO CDs, `as-is`. Just like `Canonical` does
when they start working on a new version of `Ubuntu` (i.e, its "Debian
sync" procedure).

In the past, I remastered `Debian ISO CD` with my own `preseed`, it is
easy. I know how to do this. Also, I know how to make my own "APT
Mirror", with that remastered CD pointing to it on its `sources.list`.
Basically, a "binary fork".

Now, I would like to build the complete infrastructure to fork
`Debian` from its sources, compiles each package and build the APT
repository from it (and ISO CDs).

Where should I start? Lets document this step-by-step?!

BTW, I'm the author of `Xen LiveCD v2.0`, which is a Debian built with
`live-helper`. Plus, I can write good docs, like this:

I have free hosting facilities and lots of servers to make this a reality.


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