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Re: HowTo Fork Debian? At first, just for fun... Plus a new home for kFreeBSD!


Martinx - ジェームズ wrote:
> To make this "on-list" (not off-topic), I'll research more about
> `Debian Blends`, instead of `Debian Fork`. I prefer to stick as closer
> as possible to Debian.

Take a look at this as a possible starting point for a non-systemd
linux blend:  http://pyro.eu.org/debian/pool/main/d/debian-altinit/

It's really basic.  It should be extensible to multiple 'flavors',
each based on a different alternate init system.

> I just need to make sure if kFreeBSD will be "included" in blends,
> even if it is now "officially" dropped.

Blends only let you choose which packages to use;  kfreebsd is much
more complex because every binary package was compiled specially for
that arch (to use FreeBSD syscall ABI instead of Linux).

Happily, kfreebsd may not need to fork from Debian, if the FTP team
and DSA may be still happy to provide what we need to make a release
in parallel with official jessie.

We'll need to build and host unofficial install media, but may still
be able to do that on debian.org machines.  It did occur to me that
hurd or other unofficial ports could do the same.

Steven Chamberlain

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