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Re: jenkins kfreebsd jobs (Re: Plan B for kfreebsd)

Holger Levsen wrote:
> in the video there is no IP address to be seen. em0 gets a link, but thats 
> all.

Later 'network autoconfiguration succeeded', so DHCP probably worked;
the IP address isn't usually mentioned within the GUI installer, but
the d-i syslog will probably explain what the problem is.

> > -serial file, to write those separately as an artifact
> whatever you prefer really. I tend to somewhat prefer the latter... optionally 
> output that at the end of the job...

Okay I've tried to log serial console output as an artifact, if you
could pull again please:

Maybe hurd also could redirect syslog there to help debug the issue
you're seeing.  Unless there's a convenient kernel parameter to send
console messages there, you could always use preseed/early_command to
modify inittab like I did here:

Steven Chamberlain

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