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Re: jenkins kfreebsd jobs (Re: Plan B for kfreebsd)

On 11/11/14 18:05, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Dienstag, 11. November 2014, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
>> To automatically boot an .iso, we'd need to edit the grub.cfg inside of
>> it somehow.
>> The easiest alternative - something I emailed to you a while ago but I
>> didn't really get finished
> right, I remembered this but was surprised to find no traces of that in bin/g-
> i-installation.sh in the jenins repo...

You gave me feedback but I didn't come back to you yet with the changes
you suggested...

>> - is to extract a PXE netboot installer
>> tarball, edit the boot parameters in the grub.cfg, and TFTP boot it
>> (with Qemu's internal DHCP+TFTP sevices).  That kinda resembles what a
>> large-scale deployment on real hardware might do.
>> I'll look into one or both options later this evening and get back to
>> you, with a Git pull request ideally.
> cool!

I started over, amending the existing g-i-installation.sh instead of
trying to create a separate one;  I've put it in a kfreebsd branch,
split into small commits, here:
(SSL cert on there is self-signed)

I admit I haven't tested it!  I guess it might not work initially.  But
it is based on the previous work, which I'd roughly tested in isolation
without Jenkins.

I didn't look into a job for this yet, but if you already have one, the
only change needed should be to supply the URL of a netboot.tar.gz
instead of an .iso;  for example

> you/kfreebsd are/is much welcome!

Really, thanks;  and to everyone else who is helping.  Initially it felt
a bit like kfreebsd, and myself personally, being shoved out of the
project.  But now seeing so many people being supportive it does seem
viable and welcomed to keep this alive as a part of Debian.

Steven Chamberlain

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