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Re: jenkins kfreebsd jobs (Re: Plan B for kfreebsd)

Hi Holger!

Thanks for your help with this.  Automated d-i testing was
probably the first thing I wanted to do as we begin to put an
unofficial release together.

Holger Levsen wrote:
> this is probably not the right way to boot the kfreebsd iso, which is it?

| -append only allowed with -kernel option

That's a special Qemu option, to set the Linux kernel cmdline after
loading it into guest RAM.  This method isn't suitable for kfreebsd.

To automatically boot an .iso, we'd need to edit the grub.cfg inside of
it somehow.

The easiest alternative - something I emailed to you a while ago but I
didn't really get finished - is to extract a PXE netboot installer
tarball, edit the boot parameters in the grub.cfg, and TFTP boot it
(with Qemu's internal DHCP+TFTP sevices).  That kinda resembles what a
large-scale deployment on real hardware might do.

I'll look into one or both options later this evening and get back to
you, with a Git pull request ideally.

Thanks again,
Steven Chamberlain

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