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possibility of jessie-kfreebsd suite

Hi FTP Masters!

  I was told you would be supportive of an unofficial kfreebsd jessie
release and willing to add a suite for that. Guess I write here what I
think would be best from our point of view and you tell me if I'm crazy
or not:

 + There would be a jessie-kfreebsd thing next to the "normal" jessie
   with kfreebsd folks responsible for
 + Ideally that jessie-kfreebsd thing would exist as soon as possible so
   we can do our release preparations there
 + Ideally -release@ would accept us in testing as long as possible
   (without any blocking characteristics there) and we copy everything
   that is not superseeded in jessie-kfreebsd there rather late

The last point of course depends on what release thinks of it and the
implications for them. And I have no idea if it's reasonably easy for
you to do a copy everything apart from the things we already uploaded



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