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Re: jenkins kfreebsd jobs (Re: Plan B for kfreebsd)

Hi Steven,

On Dienstag, 11. November 2014, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Thanks for your help with this.  Automated d-i testing was
> probably the first thing I wanted to do as we begin to put an
> unofficial release together.

> To automatically boot an .iso, we'd need to edit the grub.cfg inside of
> it somehow.
> The easiest alternative - something I emailed to you a while ago but I
> didn't really get finished

right, I remembered this but was surprised to find no traces of that in bin/g-
i-installation.sh in the jenins repo...

> - is to extract a PXE netboot installer
> tarball, edit the boot parameters in the grub.cfg, and TFTP boot it
> (with Qemu's internal DHCP+TFTP sevices).  That kinda resembles what a
> large-scale deployment on real hardware might do.
> I'll look into one or both options later this evening and get back to
> you, with a Git pull request ideally.


I've also decided to keep the wheezy job, I think it shold work and then it's 
a nice reference...

> Thanks again,

you/kfreebsd are/is much welcome!


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