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Re: FreeBSD 9.1 and Clang

On 23/06/2013 17:13, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Hi to the Debian Clang maintainer[s].
> We are weighing up using GCC vs. Clang for the kFreeBSD 9.1 and later
> kernels for jessie, and possibly also for wheezy-backports.
Excellent news!

> I would like to ask which versions of clang are expected to be released
> with jessie?
Clearly, I cannot exactly answer to that question.
For now, there are two releases per year.
3.3 just been released. A basic (and probably wrong) estimate could be
3.7 [1].

> Also, is there a possibility of clang-3.2 or newer being available
> through wheezy-backports?
I would prefer the 3.3 if that is OK with you.

PS: 3.4 is likely to be released in december (+/- a month). 3.5 in June
2014, 3.6 in November, 3.7 in june 2015
If there is no changes in the schedule and/or the numbering.

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