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Re: FreeBSD 9.1 and Clang

Hi to the Debian Clang maintainer[s].

We are weighing up using GCC vs. Clang for the kFreeBSD 9.1 and later
kernels for jessie, and possibly also for wheezy-backports.

I would like to ask which versions of clang are expected to be released
with jessie?

Also, is there a possibility of clang-3.2 or newer being available
through wheezy-backports?

Thanks!  And let us know if you have any other ideas/comments.

On 23/06/13 14:59, Petr Salinger wrote:
>> Are we going to transition to clang-3.2 or not?
>> If we are, I don't see the point in going to gcc-4.8 first.
>> Does anyone object to using clang-3.2 for kfreebsd-9?
> Step 1 is to get buildable sources.
> Later we can test whether it boots/works.
> The options for compiler are
> * gcc-4.7 - already in stable - easier upload into backports
> * gcc-4.8 - already in jessie
> * clang-3.2 - sid only

Steven Chamberlain

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