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Re: FreeBSD 9.1 (was: Clang)

2013/6/23 Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz>:
> The options for compiler are
> * gcc-4.7 - already in stable - easier upload into backports
> * gcc-4.8 - already in jessie
> * clang-3.2 - sid only

Another option could be to package freebsd-gcc (using GCC 4.2 +
FreeBSD patches) and use that.

It's not like we'd be the first ones doing this:

gcc-avr - The GNU C compiler (cross compiler for avr)
gcc-h8300-hms - GNU C compiler (cross compiler for h8300-hitachi-coff)
gcc-m68hc1x - GNU C compiler for the Motorola 68HC11/12 processors
gcc-msp430 - GNU C compiler (cross compiler for MSP430)
mingw32 - Minimalist GNU win32 (cross) compiler

Robert Millan

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