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Re: debug package for kfreebsd-10?

2013/6/23 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> On 23/06/13 12:28, Robert Millan wrote:
>> I just thought that if you need debug information for general debug
>> purposes, we could go a step ahead and provide it in another package.
> Is it allowed and viable to enable debugging only for uploads going to
> experimental?  And disable for everything else.

As per Policy? It should be. Experimental uploads are not intended for
a release, it's no big deal if they don't comply.

I'm still concerned about the heisenbug problem. This is the comment I
wrote about it back then:

# Full debugger support is disabled by upstream when a branch is close to
# release.  Unfortunately this can trigger the appearance of heisenbugs
# which were previously hidden (we've been hit by this already, see #651624).
# This disables full debugger support in advance, so that the build
# configuration which is going to be used for release is tested during the
# whole release cycle.  If you need a debug kernel, simply remove/comment
# the following lines:

Do you think we can live with this? It would mean bugs appear
precisely the first time you upload to unstable.

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