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Re: debug package for kfreebsd-10?

2013/6/23 Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz>:
> IMHO, in reality it is not needed.
> The commented out patch in debian/series should suffice.
> But I have no strong opinion about it.

We'll need a build with debug information if we ever want to support
dtrace (this isn't possible yet, but I have a few patches left to do

I just thought that if you need debug information for general debug
purposes, we could go a step ahead and provide it in another package.

OTOH putting the debug info in the same package is problematic, not
just because of Policy but also because of heisenbugs (we were hit by
this in 9.0 release).

What do you think?

Robert Millan

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