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Re: Porter assistance for BSD unique test failures

On 06/02/13 19:44, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> The older package doesn't run the test suite at build, so the fact that it 
> built for wheezy/sid doesn't tell us anything

Oh sorry, I misread your original mail...  there's no point testing
older versions of opendkim then.

But to work out why I can reliably pass the testsuite and the porter
boxes can't, the version of build dependencies seems a good place to
start.  Any linked library might be responsible for memory corruption,
especially if a new, buggy/unstable version was uploaded to sid.

> Do the porter boxes/buildds run the same kernels?

As Petr said, they run the 8.1 kernel from stable rather than 9.0 which
I used.  But it doesn't seem obvious to me how the kernel would cause an
issue like this.

Steven Chamberlain

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