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Re: Looking for an usb bootable installer and/or iso image


Joel Lopes Da Silva wrote:

>  I tend to want to use those installs on Macs
> [...]
> Unfortunately, last I checked, only the mini.iso images for Debian
> GNU/kFreeBSD were "isohybrid" images.

isohybrid usually boots from USB stick by offering an MBR to PC-BIOS.
Macs will probably not have PC-BIOS as firmware.
They rather want HFS filesystems, or HFS+, or boot equipment for EFI
which in case of an USB stick would probably be a FAT partition with
some files.

Steve McIntyre is currently developing EFI boot support for Debian
architecture amd64 (GNU/Linux):

If this would work for your purposes, one would have to apply its
production process to Debian kfreebsd.

HFS+ can be added to an ISO image as small partition. The image
would then be treated with SYSLINUX program isohybrid (option --mac)

It is also possible to create a hybrid ISO 9660/HFS+ filesystem by
program xorriso (command -hfsplus et.al.).

ISO9660/HFS hybrid filesystems can be produced by genisoimage (option

Certain files in an HFS(+) filesystem need to be marked specially
("blessed") so that the boot firmware uses them at startup.
(Maybe one can ask GRUB2 development mailing list for advise on

Have a nice day :)


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