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Re: Suggestions for Partitioning of new Laptop

2012/5/23 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> I wasn't sure so I just tried it...  it seems GNU/kFreeBSD's d-i doesn't
> have the means to manage LVM.  But I read recently that it should at
> least able to detect existing LVM volumes:

That's correct.  The meta-data is readonly but new file systems can be
created using pre-existing volumes.

> I tried creating an ext2-formatted LVM2 volume on an msdos primary
> partition from Squeeze GNU/Linux, but d-i didn't see that either;  it
> only listed the 'physical volume' msdos partition, as unused.
> Maybe the metadata needs to be old LVM (not LVM2) for the FreeBSD kernel
> to understand it?  Or perhaps partitioning must be different.

It works fine, at least with the LVM version created by Squeeze D-I.
You just need to load the module by hand, see:


Robert Millan

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