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Suggestions for Partitioning of new Laptop


 Because of a power supply issue with my old laptop two weeks ago I had
the need to buy a new one.  And given that I always had interest in QA
work I thought I should give kFreeBSD a shot now that I have a bigger
harddisk, too. :)

 So here I am, at the stage of partitioning the harddisk.  My thoughts
are to create a swap partition, and when reading the FAQ a seperate swap
partition makes sense for kfreebsd to be able to suspend to disk (and
also not having to use a hack to call mkswap on each boot of linux).

 The rest of the disk I would want to stick into LVM, and use
filesystems that I can resize, potentially also downsize.  I thought
about using 20G for both Linux's and kFreeBSD's root parts, and another
/srv/data partition for shared data.  From reading the FAQ in the wiki
ext2 seems to be best choice here because ext3 write support isn't ready

 Is kFreeBSD fine with being stored in LVM?  My idea for using LVM here
is to not have to do the partitioning in MBR but a layer higher, making
it more flexible.

 Thanks in advance for your advices!
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